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Client Base, Experience and History

In the 20 years since 1992, when CRESS WATER was founded, we have developed considerable experience in the design and installation of systems for a wide range of purposes. More than 250 systems have now been designed, of which, over 200 have been installed.


Our clients cover a wide spectrum from owner-occupiers of single family homes to commercial enterprises such as multiple homes, housing associations, nursing homes, residential care homes, hotels, pub restaurants, a college of agriculture, day visitor centres, breweries, farms, schools and more.


The Welcome Break Motorway Services Area on the M40 near Oxford, which opened in July 1998, was built on a green-field site. The opening of this new facility on schedule would not have been possible without the installation of a large waste stabilisation pond and reed-bed system designed to treat all the foul wastewater on site. Both the design and the installation of this system were carried out by CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS and completed on schedule.


The owners of a converted lighthouse keepers’ cottage at Rhuvaal on the Isle of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, recycle water cleaned by their reed-bed system to flush their toilets and in the process, reduce the volume of rain-water, their sole source of water, that they collect and store for their potable and other water needs.


We have clients throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles - from Penzance to Inverness, and from St Davids in west Wales to Ipswich as well as in Ireland and France. We provide a nation-wide service.




Dr Rick Hudson is the founder and Managing Director of CRESS WATER LIMITED now trading as CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS. He brings to his company a deep commitment to develop ways in which we can all care for the planet’s dwindling fresh water supplies. His training and wide experience have prepared him well for his task. Coming from a professional background in marine zoology and environmental physiology, he is able to combine his scientific training with considerable practical skills obtained over some 12 years as a general builder before he started CRESS WATER.

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