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services we provide


At CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS we provide a complete service that includes:


  • Consultancy
  • Planning and Design
  • Installation Advice
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Turnkey Design and Build
  • Supply of Reeds and Planting
  • Water Recycling
  • Landscaping
  • Refurbishment
  • Back-up Maintenance
  • 3-Year Guarantee


The use of reed beds and constructed wetlands for the treatment of polluted waste waters is still a relatively young technology. There is widespread and growing interest in their use and CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS, with 20 years of experience behind them, know that they work.


A great deal is already known about how these systems work, and how they should be designed. A considerable amount of research continues to be carried out on them in many different parts of the world. CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS are part of a growing national and international network of individuals, companies and consultants with specialised knowledge working in this field.


Through its own research and contacts, CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS are continuously updating and improving their services


We are keen to work with clients to ensure that their reed bed systems meet their needs, perform properly and provide the treatment required.

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