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Identifying the problem - Finding the solution

If you have a sewage treatment or waste water treatment problem, we can design and install for you a green and economical reed-bed constructed wetland solution.



  • Do you live out in the country where there is no mains drainage system?

  • Do you have a septic tank and soakaway drainage system that is blocked up, overflowing and creating a nasty smelly boggy area in your garden?

  • Is the Environment Agency asking you to improve the quality of the discharge from your package treatment plant?

  • Is spraying your wastewater onto fields killing the vegetation and/or polluting local watercourses?

  • Are you searching for a solution to any of the following problems?:

    • Green-field sites with no mains drainage

    • Septic tanks discharging directly to open ditches and water courses

    • An old septic tank that requires replacement

    • Dense, heavy, impermeable soils that fail percolation tests

    • Saturated and blocked soakaways

    • High water tables

    • A borehole, spring or water course too close to use a soakaway

    • Cesspools that require regular emptying

    • A package treatment plant is unacceptable or is overloaded

    • A friendly, low energy, ecological solution is required

    • A high quality effluent is required by the Environment Agency

    • Additional treatment is required by the Environment Agency

    • The Environment Agency will not allow a discharge to your local watercourse (ditch) because it runs dry during the summer months

    • There are no watercourses nearby that you can discharge to

    • Turning your wastewater effluent into a resource of secondary quality water for recycling

    • Surface water run-off that is causing erosion, local flooding and is polluting nearby watercourses

    • Rainwater harvesting


If your problem isn’t in the above list call us anyway. We will be pleased to work with you to find the best solution




We have a reed-bed solution for all of the above problems. If your home or your business is off-mains, in a rural area, on a green-field site or in one of the many country villages where there is no mains drainage system, then, use one of our highly efficient reed-bed solutions to solve your problems.


At CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS specialises in offering solutions to any one of the problems listed above utilising the natural biological processes that take place in:


  • Reed-beds

  • Ponds

  • Wetlands


These systems, alone or in any combination, are used in OUR constructed wetland treatment solutions to produce a high quality clean effluent that can be discharged to a watercourse or to ground without risk of pollution or prosecution.


Designed to produce fully nitrified, near river quality discharges, our bespoke reed-bed treatment systems enable discharges to be made in sensitive environments where tight environjmental permits apply or where only seasonal discharges may be allowed.


Highly effective and economical to run with low maintenance requirements and a long lifetime value, our reed bed systems provide ideal solutions in many situations and have the added benefit of creating attractive ornamental or wildlife features - see the Case Studies Page.

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