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water management

integrated water management

At CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS we promote an integrated approach to water management on a site to:


  • Attenuate and mitigate the rate of discharge of storm-water run-off from the site.
  • Contain and treat contaminants in surface water run-off
  • Treat all sewage and wastewater discharges before they leave site
  • Rationalise and minimize water usage on the site


To achieve this we will start with a water audit, which:


  • Identifies and rationalises all available water resources on the site, and
  • Identifies and quantifies all water uses on the site.

Our solutions incorporate a range of technologies, listed here and as described elsewhere on this website:


  • Constructed wetlands comprising reed-beds, ponds and wetlands,
  • SUD systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Water recycling
  • Water saving devices
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