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Cress Water Solutions are working with Landscaping Architects called Terravita, in Ibiza

We are currently working with Landscaping Architects called Terravita, in Ibiza, on 5 projects for treating sewage effluent to a high quality so that the water can be recycled for garden irrigation.”

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Oxford Motorway Services

We have completed the expansion of our reed-bed system at the M40 Oxford Motorway Services. This means the system now services the additional waste from the Starbucks Drive-Thru and the then imminent construction of a Pizza Express and a large extension to the Ramada Hotel.

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Two awards for Cress Water Solutions in 2016

This year, 2016, we have received two further awards:

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Oxford Motorway Services, Junction 8A, M40

In 1998 we designed and installed a modified waste stabilisation pond and wetland treatment system for Welcome Break at their then new flagship Motorway Services Area on the M40, just east of Oxford.  With some changes this system is still very much in operation today. 

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"Best for Bespoke Reed Bed Solutions in UK"

We have just been informed that in the BUILD 2015 Construction and Engineering Awards Scheme we have been named: "Best for Bespoke Reed Bed Solutions in UK".
Naturally we are delighted.

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Forced Bed Aeration

Cress Water Solutions has recently become licenced, through ARM Ltd, to offer Forced Bed Aeration (FBA™) technology

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