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Rainwater harvesting and water recycling

Water is a priceless resource and it is going to get more expensive

Why take clean white water and use it to flush toilets, clean the car, or water the garden when a less pure water, available to you at your home, would do the job just as well and be cheaper too?


Why not use the water that falls on your roof - its free?

Collecting rainwater off the roof and storing it for later use in a tank dates back centuries. Even today it is commonly used in many parts of the world to provide the sole water supply for all purposes including drinking water. In its simplest form it is a water butt collecting water from a down-pipe for watering the garden. In its more complex form it consists of a large underground storage tank with a pump, filters, a control module and a system of pipes to distribute the rainwater throughout the house to flush toilets, supply the washing machine and wash the car.

Most rainwater harvesting systems have a mains water back up supply connected to the collection tank. Operated by a command module this ensures that there is always some water in the tank so that even in drought conditions water is till available to flush the toilet while the tank is kept largely empty in readiness for filling by the next downpour.

Where there are no mains water supplies as in a rural setting in Australia, and at an isolated spot on Islay in the Inner Hebrides, we have installed rainwater harvesting systems to provide all the water needs, including drinking water, for the occupants. With appropriate filtration and sterilisation using UV lamps the water is made safe to drink.

CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS provides a specialist service specifying and installing rainwater harvesting systems for single houses, groups of houses, schools, hotels, visitor centres and for industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. We don’t “manufacture” our own systems. We prefer to put systems together from carefully selected components supplied by others or sell on and install complete packaged systems manufactured by others as appropriate to clients’ needs.