Cresswater Solutions
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Devon, EX15 1QB
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Scope of Services

Our quality service and extensive experience in providing sustainable, low maintenance reed bed solutions, gained over the last 25 years, means we can offer proven designs and innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We offer services in the following major categories:

  • The treatment of sewage and a wide range of polluting wastewater effluents such as dirty-water, leachate, brewery effluent, etc..
  • Soft SUD systems for water management - the attenuation and treatment of surface water run-off and mitigation,
  • The creation of landscaped natural, wildlife and ornamental ponds and water features,
  • Rainwater harvesting and the purification of private water supplies,
  • The creation of recyclable, secondary-use water resources,
  • The management and treatment of all water resources on a site.

Our services include the following:

  • Consultancy
  • Planning and Design
  • Installation Advice
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Turnkey Design and Build
  • Supply of Reeds and Planting
  • Water Recycling
  • Landscaping
  • Refurbishment
  • Back-up Maintenance
  • 3-Year Guarantee

In the last 25-30 years constructed wetland systems have gained in popularity and recognition world-wide and are being used increasingly to treat a huge range of wastewaters - from domestic sewage to the much stronger agricultural and industrial effluents - all to very high standards, and often where package treatment plants are incapable of producing an adequate solution.

A great deal is already known about how these systems work, and how they should be designed. A considerable amount of research continues to be carried out on them in many different parts of the world. CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS is part of a growing national and international network of individuals, companies and consultants with specialised knowledge working in this field.

We are not, however, committed exclusively to the use of reed-bed systems. Where appropriate or where space constraints prevent the use of a fully developed constructed wetland system, we will utilise modern technology and recommend the use of a suitable package mechanical treatment plant often in conjunction with reed-beds, or ponds, or both.

We design and install constructed wetland systems that keep the process pathways simple, are cost- effective, have low maintenance and operational costs and have a long lifetime value.

Through its own research and contacts, CRESS WATER SOLUTIONS is continuously updating and improving its services.